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Consulting Mastery

The Ability Myth – being good is not enough
The 11th in the Consultant's Guides: Set up and run your consulting business profitably and painlessly by Cindy Tonkin
Competence is no guarantee
Discover the 3 step procedure
we all use to appoint a professional. And how to leverage it to find more clients.
Sell clients more easily
Recognize how clients decide,
approach change and describe problems.
So you can convince & sell to them more easily.
How to build profile
Delve into how the different consultancies advertise themselves
and how you can too.
Love the books especially the last one. Wish I had them the 1st time around. Would have saved a lot of trial and error.
John Hogg, Supply Today
we tend to concentrate on what we are good at (e.g. being brilliant at unravelling the secrets of theUniverse), and downplay the importance and utility of things we might not be good at (e.g. engaging in politics, being good at communicating with and influencing people, taking on effective leadership roles). 
Cindy suggested specific techniques that assisted in building rapport with people, and in enabling me to present in potentially stressful or even hostile environments while maintaining effectiveness
Professor Chris Tinney, Co-Director of the Australian Centre forAstrobiology, University of New South Wales 
i find your newsletters valuable, and your radio interviews...the way you promote your work and the mediums you choose are interesting and I learn from it. So - thanks Cindy.
Mick Feiner, Health and Safety Consultant Triple F Consulting
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Cindy provides the closest thing you will get to a 'personal trainer' as she provides consultants, new and old, with her unique insights into this challenging field by a combination of books and tutorials, regular e-mail updates and tailored advice on a wide range of topics
Gavin Graham, Independent Consultant, Oil and Gas Industries, UK
found your tips and techniques to be invaluable... great article about proposals and why we lose them. clear and easy to navigate. It really is a practical resource with contemporary advice.
Gina Zoia, Learning and Development Consultant
The wealth of resources that Cindy happily sends through to help is fantastic. I particularly love the links that give us access to all the available web tools and love the fact that if I have a query about any facet of consulting I'm sure to find the answer. It's the online equivalent of tea and a biscuit (or a nice red wine), the way to fortify ourselves to continue on our own consultancy journey. 
Jen Flakemore Establish Practice Support
Thank you very much for your generosity, interesting messages and your willingness to make me feel like you have time for me! You are tops in my book!
Dan Whisenhunt, Agriculture Consultant, Dan Whisenhunt Consulting