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Packed with tips and vital questions to help you officially set up your consultancy
Make it real: Choose an entity. Tell the tax office you're in business. Register with the right people. Get a bank account.
Get ready to bill: Let clients know you're around. Insure yourself. Get advice.
Get smarter: All the questions you need to ask of your accountant and your lawyer to get your business ready to start.
Take the short cut: Cheat sheets and checklists so you can learn from others' mistakes and start out right yourself!
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Buy now: $12.07
clear and easy to navigate. It really is a practical resource with contemporary advice
Gina Zoia  Facilitator Educator Presenter 
Lots of practical information without the fluff
Jasmine Pyvvaara, Health Consulting
if I have a query about any facet of consulting I'm sure to find the answer 
Jen Flakemore Establish Practice Support
I found the book Marketing Your Consultancy really good. There were ideas suitable for my industry that I hadn’t thought of, and am going to take up... Easy to read. Practical advice.
Julie Letts, Letts Consulting
Cindy has a natural talent for serving complex situations into bite-size morsels for easy digestion, and given me a confidence boost by bringing focus to the important aspects of my business.
Ira Jowett Insync Credit
Your book... was really useful. I was worried... This book helped me put my mind at ease. That’s the thing, those that are new to this field, we often don’t have the contacts or mentors to even know where to start. It’s a pretty lonely road as you say and the books have been great for validation and motivation for me.
Buy now: $12.07